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Chinas One Child - 1290 Words

Hakop Jack Avetisyan Essay #1 [Choice#2] The one-child policy is a population control policy that was introduced in 1979 to relive social, economic, and environmental problems in China. At the time the growth rate of China’s population was very high and the main purpose of the policy was to limit the large family units in the country to one child each. After implementing the policy, the government hoped to see reduction in the growth rate of its enormous population. Sometimes couples can have a second child only if their first was a girl or had disabilities. As of today, China’s government believes that their one-child policy will result in a wealthier, healthier†¦show more content†¦Since many men won’t be able to have a partner, it can trigger rape, prostitution, and forced marriages. The one-child policy is also unsuccessful because it has cause a gender imbalance which experts say ,†could cause outbreaks of violence in China and even war for th e region† (documentary). Since there are more males than females in China now, in twenty years these males won’t have anyone to marry and experts tell us it can result is violence and war. The policy is like a treat to China in the long run so it makes absolutely no sense why the government thinks it’s so successful. The preference of males is also affecting many women, forcing early abortion and violating human rights. It has put many Chinese women in danger often being kidnapped and forced into marriage. In â€Å"Chinas Lost Girls† Lisa Ling interviews a women who was kidnapped and sold as a wife and she tells us , â€Å"it was very difficult for me..the man treated me very badly..when I tried to escape I was beaten badly† (documentary). This women and many like her are kidnapped and mistreated because of the growing gender imbalance. Men kidnap women because they aren’t too many of them. The policy is hurting many women and as long as this gender imbalance increases experts say the kidnappings will â€Å"only get worse† (documentary). The Chinese government believes the policyShow MoreRelatedThe One Child Policy in China2838 Words   |  12 Pages In 1979, China decided to establish a one child policy which states that couples are only allowed to have one child, unless they meet certain exceptions[1].In order to understand what social impacts the one child policy has created in China it important to evaluate the history of this law. China’s decision to implement a Child policy has caused possible corruption, an abuse of women’s rights, has led to high rates of female feticide, has created a gender ratio problem for China, and has led toRead MoreChina s One Child Policy1000 Words   |  4 PagesChina’s One Child Policy. This is something that I am against. I do not think you should limit a family to one child. There are many problems with this policy that I do not think were thought about when the policy was created. I have not found many good things about this policy. The only positive thing I have found about this policy is that it creates many chances for adoption. But most of these children who are up for adoption do not get adopted. So I do not support China’s one-child policy. One reasonRead MoreChina s One Child Policy1227 Words   |  5 PagesThe one child policy in the Peoples Republic of China has recently been lifted to allowed families to freely have two children rather than one. This policy, introduced to China in the late 1970’s, was due to a massive baby boom which had taken place in the 1960’s. In the early to late 1950’s the Chinese government had encouraged its citizens to produce children at a rapid rate in the hope of building a larger work force (Managing Population Change Case Study: China). In order to counteract this boomRead MoreChina s One Child Policy1631 Words   |  7 PagesThe One Child Policy China has had the new population control for almost 36 years, composed by the one-child policy and prohibited excess reproduction. The birth control plan has received praise on reducing the population, but also received criticism over the late 20th century. In 1979, couples were forced to pledge not to give second birth or bear any more children (Feng, 2014). From 1979 to 2015, while the population growth rate has reduced substantially, this implementation has been tremendouslyRead More Chinas One-Child Policy Essay1337 Words   |  6 Pages Chinas One-Child Policy nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;In our society, the United States, children are seen potentially as the as the future. Whether they are male or female, they have the power to be something when they grow up. But if their life is cut short, the opportunity to do so is taken away. In 1976, China implemented what is known as the quot;One-Child Policyquot; in order to try and solve their problem of overpopulation (McDonald, 1996). Although the policy may seem as though it isRead MoreChina s One Child Policy1745 Words   |  7 PagesChina’s One Child policy is a policy that the Chinese government introduced in 1979 to try and solve the problem of overpopulation. The Policy’s main purpose was to make sure that China could support its large population with facilities such as healthcare, education, housing, good jobs and most importantly, food. The aim was to reduce poverty and to improve overall quality of life for the people. China’s one-child policy has led to unintended and negative consequences, such as a diminishing laborRead MoreChina s One Child Police2169 Words   |  9 PagesChina’s One Child Police in A Nutshell Thursday, May 4, 2016 (Class) â€Å"It is possible that these millions of suns, along with thousands of millions more we cannot see, make up all together but a globule of blood or lymph in the veins of an animal, of a minute insect, hatched in a world of whose vastness we can frame no conception, but which nevertheless would itself, in proportion to some other world, be no more than a speck of dust,† Anatole France, The Garden of Epicurus. Last October, China endedRead MoreChina s One Child Policy1925 Words   |  8 Pagesbillion people. It is the most populous country in the world and it is only increasing. The Chinese government has spent more than 40 years trying to slow their population growth. They have done so through their controversial one child policy. There is no denying that China’s one child policy changed the lives of Chinese citizens when it the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] in 1979 as a way of controlling population. Under Mao, the government encouraged families to have as many children as possible, believingRead MoreThe One Child Policy Restricted Citizens Of China1104 Words   |  5 Pages The one-child policy restricted citizens of China to one child per family. This family-planning policy was created in 1980 to help a growing population. The effects of this policy included millions of forced abortions and sterilizations (Wong 2). In 2013, the policy was relaxed because the drop in population created an age gap in China. Also the ratio of males to females became unequal. There were up to 116.9 boys for every 100 girls in China (Luo 2). The old continuity was a one-child policy putRead MoreRepercussions Of China s One Child Policy883 Words   |  4 PagesChina’s One Child Policy â€Å"China Will Have another Major Demographic Problem,† is an article on written by Matt Rosernberg. It explains the great imbalance between man and women due to China’s One Child Policy, and how this situation will disturb the stability and development of China because the high numbers of bachelors tend to damage community by doing crimes and violence. The policy says that a couple could only have a child. This was created as a temporary solution since China was overpopulated

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Is Casino Development Moral Essay - 1553 Words

The legalization of gambling and casino development in communities has become a heated debate topic in recent years. As with any debate, there are two sides presenting valid arguments. The purpose of this paper is to present information from the perspectives of those both in favor of and opposed to the legalization of gambling and casino development in their communities. The paper concludes with the application of ethical theories to help determine the morality of casino development. Positions Regarding the Legalization of Gambling and Casino Development Debates are created out of a passion and/or concern over a particular issue. In this case, the question that needs answered is â€Å"what are the implications to society for legalizing†¦show more content†¦Finally, an increase in job opportunities is a strong motivator for the legalization of gambling and casino development in a time where jobs are hard to find. Jobs are created in all sectors from planners, construction workers, dealers, table workers, cooks and kitchen staff, bartenders, wait staff, security, hotel staff, event coordinators, etc. Financial reasons are the most discussed reasons for the advocacy of legalizing gambling and casino development. Opposition Position The opposing side of the legalization of gambling and casino development holds the costs to society as the most important reasons to deny the casino industry access to their communities. Some reasons cited as societal costs are: increased crime, increased traffic congestion, and increased family problems (Stitt et al., 2005). According to Stitt et al., (2005) people are concerned with the possible increase of crime in their communities if casinos are allowed to be built. Some of the crimes of concern are theft, prostitution, vandalism, and public drunkenness. Traffic congestion is also a concern for community residents; just getting around town to perform normal living functions such as shopping, dining out, and commuting to work are sufficient reasons for some to oppose casino development in their community (Stitt et al., 2005). Lastly, family issues cited as societal costs too great to pay to allow casino operation in aShow MoreRelatedLegalization of Gambling Pro/Pro1561 Words   |  7 Pageshefty amounts of cash and be content, or on the other hand they can take the chance to lose ample amounts of money and be miserable. But that is the responsibility of the people and the Government should trust and respect that. Spending money in a casino is no different from spending money in a tavern or a sports arena or even at a political fundraiser. The government should not engage themselves in this type of situation. The gambling industry has supported many different types of organizationsRead More Legalization Of Gambling Essay1545 Words   |  7 Pageshefty amounts of cash and be content, or on the other hand they can take the chance to lose ample amounts of money and be miserable. But that is the responsibility of the people and the Government should trust and respect that. Spending money in a casino is no different from spending money in a tavern or a sports arena or even at a political fundraiser. The government should not engage themselves in this type of situation. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The gambling industry has supported many differentRead MoreImproving Organizational Retention Paper1721 Words   |  7 PagesRetention A healthy and productive work environment is important for any organization. Problems will occur; how the problems are solved will influence an employee’s rate of satisfaction or content in his or her current workplace. At JC’s Casino, these problems seem not to be solved to the overall satisfaction if at all. The workplace is experiencing friction and high stress levels that need to be alleviated quickly. If the problems are not solved in a timely manner, the employees dissatisfactionRead MoreWhy Gambling Should Not Be Prohibited Or Policed By The Federal Government1236 Words   |  5 PagesGambling In today’s world there are many different types of gambling such as casinos, state lotteries, pull tabs, bingo, sports and internet gambling. Popularity of this activity remains strong in America, however, there are individuals and groups that continue to scrutinize and attack this industry. I believe gambling is a fun social activity that should not be prohibited or policed by the federal government. It should be an individual’s right to choose if they gamble or not based on theirRead MoreGambling Is Not Immoral Or Unethical1406 Words   |  6 PagesGambling In today’s world, there are many different ways to gamble such as casinos, state lotteries, pull tabs, bingo, sporting events, and the internet, just to name a few. Although the popularity of this activity remains strong in America, there are individuals and groups that continue to scrutinize and attack this industry. People strongly opposed to gambling would like to see it policed by the federal government or outlawed completely; they are wrong. There are several positive aspects of gamblingRead MoreGambling Is Not Only A Fun And Social Activity1288 Words   |  6 PagesGambling In today’s world, there are many different ways to gamble such as casinos, state lotteries, pull tabs, bingo, sporting events and the internet just to name a few. Although the popularity of this activity remains strong in America, there are individuals and groups that continue to scrutinize and attack this industry. Those that are strongly opposed to gambling would like to see it policed by the federal government or outlawed completely; I do not agree. Gambling is not only a fun andRead MoreEthical Problem with Gambling Essay1509 Words   |  7 Pageslegalized commercial casino gambling state (Nelson, 2007). Since 1963, there has been widespread of gambling to take across the nation. It is more than casinos, places to play lottery, or illegal places that hold gambling tournaments. Some of these activities were found in Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Mississippi became popular in the mid-2000s but was known as a gamb ling state in 1996. (Nelson2007). There are a lot of casinos that are built onRead MoreCasinos on Indian Reservations2998 Words   |  12 Pagesmost people bring casino gambling to mind. Approximately five hundred and sixty tribes are recognized by the federal government, and only about one third conduct casino style gambling. (Light and Rand 9) Reservations are sovereign nations, meaning tribes are Dependent on and subordinate to, only the federal government, not the states. (Light and Rand 36) This has been the tribes Ace in the hole that has allowed many reservations to prosper through the operation of casinos. Politics, crimeRead MoreCase Study : Mgm Grand Faces1282 Words   |  6 PagesGrand crisis management, the situation may have not escalated to the stature that it did. Recommendation for a Crisis Management Program makes up for three teams: Crisis Public Relations Team, Crisis Response Team, and Crisis Maintenance Team. Development of a Crisis Public Relations team would be the most influential sector of the Management Program. If a problem occurs, with the exception of the necessary faculty and staff, the costumers should be the first to know. Many times, panic and fear fromRead MoreChapter Study Questions 1 2 Essay1109 Words   |  5 Pagesregressive tax system, which means a tax that imposes a disproportionately heavier burden on low-income people than on the more affluent. 8. What is meant by economic diversification and has Texas done this? 6 Economic diversification is the development of new and varied business activities. New business were encouraged to relocated to or expand in Texas after the oil and gas industry, which had been the base of the state’s economy, suffered a major recession in the 1980’s. 9. What is meant by

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Contemporary Accounting Issues Legitimation Strategies

Question: Discuss about the Contemporary Accounting Issues for Legitimation Strategies. Answer: Introduction Development in the field of science and technologies influence the progress of human civilization. It helped in establishing industrial revolution, which is one of the most important events of human history. As the development of human civilization provides greater facilities to the persons, it also has an adverse effect on human civilization; it hampers the ecological balance of the atmosphere by excessive carbon emission as well as other greenhouse gas emission (Bhimani, 2006). Moreover, in this modern age, the issue is becoming an alarming issue, and it increases the concern of the most of the environmentalist of the world. The main reason of the increment of carbon and other greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere is increasing the level of factories and automobiles, which improve the pollution level of the atmosphere so that it become a danger to the society and human civilization (Hassan, Wright and Struthers, 2013). In this context an organization has been formed with the name of Carbon Disclosure Project in the UK, the organization works with its shareholders along with the corporation to disclose the emission of greenhouse gas of the major firms, which is the primary cause of the climate changes and increasing public concern. Practical motivation Climate change is one of the main concerns of the environmentalist, and most of the factories and motor vehicle are the primary cause of the increment of carbon and other greenhouse gas emission in the environment. In this situation, it is necessary to identify the determinants of greenhouse emission and so that voluntary disclosure from the non-GHG registered firms is needed. The issues of climate changes as well as public concern over these particular problems due to climate changes have changed the environmental rules and regulation in recent days (Jones and Ratnatunga, 2012). These alterations focused on the decrement of GHG worldwide by implementing few important strategies such as carbon pricing. The practical motivation for undertaking the project is to recognize the source of voluntary disclosure of the firm about their carbon and greenhouse gas. The greenhouse gas emission is a critical issue of the modern civilization. Due to the incrementing factories and automobiles indus try the presence of the greenhouse gas has been increased in the atmosphere and that increase the concern among the people especially, the environmentalist honestly worried about the matter. In this context the Carbon Disclosure Project' a UK based company initiating to work to reveal the carbon and other greenhouse gas emission level of a company (Kopp, 2008). The practical motivation for working on this particular topic is that there is several research scholars are working on this specific matter, and it increase the interest among the people. Now the question is that these voluntary services provide actual information about the carbon emission of the company, or they provide false information to save the company from legal hazardous. Theoretical motivation The theoretical motivation of the research study is to find out the facets of voluntary disclosure and its role in the economy. The theories are utilized via the literature to provide the explanation about the voluntary disclosure, its determinant as well as the widespread resources of voluntary disclosure (Rankin, 2012). There are several different theories used to describe voluntary disclosure such as agency theories, signaling theory, capital need theory, along with legitimacy theory. The determinants of the voluntary disclosure are part of motivation along with constraint. At last, diverse source of voluntary information revelation is addressed and clarifying the reason of the most preferred information sources are the annual report of the companies. The present voluntary disclosure research can be segregated into three dominant pass financial voluntary disclosure, social voluntary disclosure as well as GHG voluntary disclosure (Sullivan, 2011). To establish itself as a corporate social responsible company, the company has to release the disclosures that provide additional advantages to the company and save from the legal hazardous. Literature review Article 1 With the evolution of carbon regulation and the pressure from the governments over the firms to reduce the rate of carbon emission, the stakeholders are bound to ask the firms to give detailed information about the practices of corporate climate change. This article by M. Eleftheriadis and Evgenia G. Anagnostopoulos has a big contribution in the international research that tries to understand and thereby establish the relation between environmental information disclosures and other additional firm factors (Eleftheriadis and Anagnostopoulou, 2015). To do this, an empirical analysis has been done on the relationship shared between the practices of corporate climate change disclosure of the firms mentioned in the Athens Stock Exchange with that of the different firm factors like that of size, profitability, activity sector, leverage, etc. Article 2 This particular article investigates the impact of carbon tax on the financial market return of the various firms present in Australia. With the different carbon profiles, the researchers have considered the differential tax effect on the individual firms. Factors like that of climate change policies, emission costs, and carbon disclosure have also been taken into account by them (Luo and Tang, 2013). The event study method has been utilized in this case to examine the market reaction to the seven key carbon legislative information events that have taken place within the period of February 2011 to November 2011. Article 3 Global warming is a reason for concern and this reason, the stakeholders all over the world have put agendas on climate change in different firms and also expect the firms to give relevant information about the green house gasses (GHG) (Depoers, Jeanjean and Jrme, 2014). In this article, the researchers have closely investigated the consistency of the information about GHG that has been voluntarily given by the French listed firms. Article 4 The main purpose of this article is to examine the way in which corporate environmental performance influences both the level of detail of the information about environmental issues disclosed by a firm and the type of information that is being revealed by the firm. The researchers have based their study on the content analysis of 533 firms of China (Meng XH, 2016). As per the results, it was found that both the poor performers and good performers disclose more information than the median or mixed performers. This thereby gives concrete empirical evidence to show that a nonlinear relationship exists between the corporate environmental performance of a firm and the information that is being disclosed by it. Soft information is mainly disclosed by poor performers while the good performers tend to disclose more solid information. Article 5 The researchers of this article have examined the roles played by the result and process dimensions of environmental performance to determine the financial performance of a firm or organization that can be measured by Tobin's q. Outcomes are referred to as the impacts that the firm has on the natural environment, and the processes are the steps or actions taken by the firm to reduce the level of the outcomes (, 2016). The particular outcome on which the researchers have concentrated on this article is that of carbon emission. It has been suggested that the carbon emissions influences or affects Tobin's q in a non-linear manner. It has been observed that the highest financial performance achieved by a firm is not when its carbon performance is very high or very low, but only when it is an intermediate state. Article 6 The main aim or purpose of this particular article is to how the way in which two organizations behaves while disclosing nonfinancial information. The environmental, social and governance issues are getting priority for which this information need to be shared with the stakeholders. Article 7 Corporate responsibility of a firm mainly revolves around climate change and carbon footprints as they are the most important concerns of the society. The main aim of this particular article is to find out whether the different Australian companies have endeavored to adjust their carbon footprint related disclosures. It is needed to be determined whether the disclosure given by the firms tend to be more reflective of symbolism or that of the apparent behavior (Carbon footprints and legitimation strategies: symbolism or action?: Accounting, Auditing Accountability Journal: Vol 25, No 1, 2016). This has helped the researchers in understanding whether the disclosures are dominated by the pragmatic or moral legitimation approaches. Author Date Title Journal Type of Paper If empirical, Sample 100 word summary of contribution to the research question Ella Mae Matsumura, Rachna Prakash, Sandra C. Vera-Munoz October 2013 Firm-Value Effects of Carbon Emissions and Carbon Disclosures American Accounting Association Research Paper Hand collected carbon emission data between 2006 to 2008 were used which were by 500 firms. The results showed that market takes a penalty from all the firms due to carbon emission, and a more amount of penalty is levied on those firms that do not disclose information about carbon emission. Janice Lorraine Hollindale June 2012 Voluntary disclosure of GHG emission information by Australian Companies Research Paper 1776 companies have been studied in the year 2007, and 1853 have been examined in 2009. The results show that though the disclosure of voluntary greenhouse gas emission improves the condition and performance of some companies yet this cannot be stated as a generalized statement for all. Elizabeth Stanny 8th May 2012 Voluntary Disclosures of Emissions by US Firms Business Strategy and the Environment. Article Three exposure studies 500 US firms answering the questionnaire, disclosing discharge and also disclosing accounting methodology for emissions from 2006 to 2008. The results show that most of the firms give minimum information to avoid scrutiny. Logical Argument The key argument in the entire undertaken article are basically the global environmental issues created by the corporate by emitting carbon and other green house gases and its impact on the stakeholders and thereby the disagreement raises that the argument is sufficient to investigate the problems faced by the stakeholders. This becomes the logical argumentative issues that consist of inadequate government policies and the Acts. The entire articles, which are presented here to produce a logical argument about the undertaken, subject that whether the government policies and respective Act are enough to control the carbon and green house gas emission or not. Furthermore, it is also evaluate that the disclosure of carbon and green house gas emission by the corporate are followed strictly or not. Is the government rules are enough to enforce the corporate to disclose the accurate measurement of carbon emission and other green house gas emission by the company. The business activities of the company cause to the emission of green house gases and the governments fix the permissible measurement of carbon, other green house gas emission, and the companies are obligated to produce a disclosure about their carbon and other green house gas emission. However, most of the companies try to avoid the Government rule on this matter and provide inappropriate information to the government. Research question Are the government policies and Acts adequate to force the firms to disclose their environmental impacts such as carbon and other greenhouse gasses emission? Underlying theories As per the articles, the theory i.e. covered in the articles is the stakeholders theory which provides the information about the amount of the emissions taking place from the stakeholders point of view. As per the perspectives of the stakeholders theory, it provides the information that the amount of the GHG is seemed to be higher in CDP than CR. These theories are mentioned in all the articles as per their particular perspectives. The theories that are depicted in the above articles also deal with the emission of the green house gases, thereby it provides the information with the improvement in the steps, and thereby the perspectives for providing justification for the theories became successful. With focusing on the article Voluntary disclosure of GHG emission information by Australian Companies, the changes are not seen with bringing changes in the emission system followed by the companies in Australia. Henceforth the underlying theories depicts the reforms of the perspectives wit h considering the stakeholders and henceforth all the articles depicts the stakeholders theory. Variables Dependent Variable The dependent variable is the variable than an individual wish to predict, estimate and what is affected while executing the experiment and things that is affected in the experiment. It is the respond to an independent variable such as the effect of carbon emission on climate changes. Climate change is the dependent variable. The increase in the carbon emission level will affect the environmental balances and leads to climatic changes. The change in the climate is dependent variable as because increase or decrease in the emission level of carbon led to the change in climate. Therefore, depended variable is the one that depends on other factors. Independent Variable Independent variable is the variable that can be changed and one can control the variables. For an example, carbon emission is the independent variable, and increase in pollution level is the dependent variable. The increase or decrease in the carbon emission level lead to the increase or decrease in pollution level within the atmosphere. Emission of carbon level is independent variable which led to increase or decrease in the level of pollution. Therefore, independent variable is the one that does not change by the effect of other variables. Hypothesis The hypothesis of the research is; H1: The volume of carbon emission shows a negative relation with the market value of the equity share of the company. H2: Disclosure of the carbon and other green house gas management practice via the responses to the carbon disclosure practice questionnaire has positive relation with the market value of the equity. H3: There are significant relations between the carbon management disclosures and the market value equity. The value of equity is higher in case of the volume of carbon emission is lower; whereas value of equity is lower on case of the volume of carbon emission is higher. References Bhimani, A. (2006).Contemporary issues in management accounting. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Carbon footprints and legitimation strategies: symbolism or action?: Accounting, Auditing Accountability Journal: Vol 25, No 1. (2016). Accounting, Auditing Accountability Journal. [online] Available at: [Accessed 17 Aug. 2016]. Depoers, F., Jeanjean, T. and Jrme, T. (2014). Voluntary Disclosure of Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Contrasting the Carbon Disclosure Project and Corporate Reports. Journal of Business Ethics, [online] 134(3), pp.445-461. Available at: [Accessed 17 Aug. 2016]. Eleftheriadis, I. and Anagnostopoulou, E. (2015). The relationship between Corporate Climate Change Disclosures and Firm Factors. Business Strategy and the Environment, [online] 24(8), pp.780-789. Available at: [Accessed 17 Aug. 2016]. Hassan, A., Wright, A. and Struthers, J. (2013). Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) scores and the level of disclosure on climate change related activities: an empirical investigation of the FTSE 100 companies.IJSE, 5(1), p.36. Jones, S. and Ratnatunga, J. (2012).Contemporary issues in sustainability accounting, assurance and reporting. Bingley [England]: Emerald Insight. Kopp, M. (2008). Das Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).uwf UmweltWirtschaftsForum, 16(2), pp.101-104. Luo, L. and Tang, Q. (2013). Carbon Tax, Corporate Carbon Profile and Financial Return. [online] ResearchGate. Available at: [Accessed 17 Aug. 2016]. Meng XH, e. (2016). The relationship between corporate environmental performance and environmental disclosure: an empirical study in China. - PubMed - NCBI. [online] Available at: [Accessed 17 Aug. 2016]. (2016). Unraveling the effects of environmental outcomes and processes on financial performance: A non-linear approach - Munich Personal RePEc Archive. [online] Available at: [Accessed 17 Aug. 2016]. Rankin, M. (2012).Contemporary issues in accounting. Milton, Qld.: John Wiley and Sons Australia, Ltd. Sullivan, R. (2011).Valuing corporate responsibility. Scheffield [England]: Greenleaf Pub.

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Letter to My Father free essay sample

There is a lot to say of how much I appreciate you. Youve done so much for me. Every step of the way, you have supported me. From kindergarten to even today you have never given up on me. I know before Ive never listened to much of what you had to say or any of the advice youve given me. Whenever you made some of the choices that you thought were right for me, but I didnt agree with you. I now see what you were trying to do for me.Id always looked up to you and wanted to be so much like you. A business man and a soccer player was all Ive ever wanted to be Just to be like you. I remember the day I decided to be a soccer player Just like you and you made me run laps around the yard. We will write a custom essay sample on Letter to My Father or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Then you put me in says and became my coach. Now I play soccer with you every week and I enjoy it every time. You would tell me what was right and wrong in all of my decisions.Ive tried making decisions on my own, hinging that I didnt need help but you were still there for me waiting to guide me into the right direction. You are my mentor, my inspiration, and most importantly my father. I can remember you telling me that I didnt know what I had to appreciate everything that is in my life. Now that Im older, I realized what I do have and how much I should be grateful for it. Im blessed with everything I have and whats available for me to build my own future because some people dont have it as easy as e. Its all because of you, dad, with all that you have done. From a warehouse worker to one of the most successful salesman in the independent business industry. Youve never stopped working so you could give me the best life has to offer and I wouldnt have had it any other way. Im going to be graduating and head out in the real world. There is a lot out there but I know I will work hard and never give up my dreams to become successful. To be Just like you. I love you Dad.